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About Canoe FM

Canoe FM, as a not for profit, volunteer based community radio station, is the Voice of the Haliburton Highlands. Our mission is to provide balanced programming, including entertainment and vital information. We strive to showcase local talent and meet community needs. Canoe FM will remain a strong partner in the development of our community.

Our Programming is designed for full time, part-time and seasonal residents of Haliburton County. Our CRTC mandate requires we have content that spans a vast majority of the music genres balancing music with talk and information exchange while at the same time providing a stage for Canadian artists and their music. We have it all and that’s what makes us unique!

Our Organization
We are staffed by more than 75 volunteers and 3 paid positions. We are managed by a volunteer board of directors that are elected by volunteers at our Annual General Meeting. Our board meets the 4th Thursday of each month. For information contact our Station Manager at 705-457-1009.

A Salute to the Founders
In July 2003, led by Don Cameron, Dave Sovereign, and Jack Hewitt a meeting was held to discuss the idea of creating a radio station. The meeting was attended by 14 people and at that meeting 10 families each put $100 into a pot along with their dream and commitment to launch community radio in Haliburton. A President and treasurer were decided on and they started to get things underway.

Their hard work and dedication resulted in the development of a unique station unlike any other.

They encouraged and supported many people to get involved and provided them the opportunity for a very unique experience which will continue to be a source of pride and enjoyment for all involved and the Community of Haliburton County.

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Jazz at the 45th, Tim Hagarty
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Big Band, Laurie Slavish & Dave Graham
Coming up next at 6:00pm
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