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National Media Kit (PDF) available on request

Contact Dave Allen at sales@canoefm.com
or Target Broadcast Sales at info@targetbroadcast.com


Contact: Dave Allen at (705) 457 1009

Our rates are very reasonable, well below the internet standard for targeted advertising.

  • Dimensions: 674 wide x 90 high
  • Max Size: 28k
  • Format: JPG/GIF - Animated / Non-animated
  Campaign Duration Cost per rotation
  Rotation for 1 months $95.00
  Rotation for one full year (2 months free with 12 month contract) $950.00
  *Includes monthly banner performance statistics upon request  

SideWide 'Top Left Column' banner ads will be in rotation with other advertisers. Submitted banners and graphics subject to approval.

Banner Advertising - FAQ

Why advertise on the internet?
More and more people are using the internet to search for information. It is estimated that in North America alone, 13 Million Canadian and 56 Million American households use the internet every day. Remember, there are no geographic boundaries to the Internet, if you're not on the internet, you're losing potential clients! Advertise your business with us, and get on the world wide web!

I have a website, why should I advertise on yours?
Over the years, we have submitted our site to countless search engines, banner exchanges, directories and promotional websites. Our traffic is impressive, we get inquires everyday about accommodations, guide services, local events and more! Demographically our website targets residents, cottagers, nature lovers, family vacationers, out-of-town tourists. In short, we have done all the marketing for you! If your business targets these clients, what are you waiting for? Let us give you the exposure you need.

What is Banner Click?
The number of visitors who click on the banner ad linking to the advertiser's Web site. We will provide you with your page views and banner clicks upon request.

Our Rates Explained
Canoe FM sells banner ad space on a monthly or 1 year contract basis and will give you two free months for a 1 year commitment.

Where will my banner appear?

  • Your banner will be displayed in the right top column on every page in our very popular www.canoefm.com website
  • Your banner can be in GIF or JPG format and animated banners are fine. The maximum banner size is a generous 28,000 bytes.

Terms & Conditions:

No adult sites, warez, racism or other sites that may be involved with illegal activity. We reserve the right to refuse to advertise a site based on the content of a site and or the content of the banner. If you have any doubts about your banner please do not hesitate to contact us.

No redirecting of any banners or sites that are not the site advertised.

As soon as your payment is received your campaign begins.

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